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Friday, March 14, 2014

Card Dance

For this assignment we were to make 9 images dance. I created 2. First, I made a diagonal gradient in Photoshop for the base in After Effects. Then, I took 9 random images from previous assignments, compiled them into one Photoshop file and imported it into AE. In Comp 2 I key framed a simple rotation on the gradient. In Comp 3 I added card dance to my image and tried various settings to see what worked best. This was a fun assignment. I always enjoy learning new things that can be done in After Effects. The second one I created was a collage of Seattle Storm pictures I've taken over the years.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

HTML game

We had to create a game for this assignment using Construct 2. I had to create a Player, Monster, Bullet and Explosion. I made a spaceship and a green space monster in Illustrator and an explosion in Photoshop using brushes. First I inserted a background. Then the objects were inserted into the game program and various behaviors were set for each one. Once all objects were inserted, events and actions had to be added so that the game would run. There is tutorial online to set up a basic game, it was very helpful. It is different than Game Salad, where the events and actions are already in place. Constuct 2 offers more variety on what happens in the game.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Card Game

For this assignment, we had to create four illustrations for the card game The Wall. The illustrations were to be of a card back, wall section, wall reinforcement and damage. My design is of diamond plating. For reinforcement, I created steel strips and a drill for the rivets. For the damage card, I made a bomb, similar to the old Road Runner cartoons.


This assignment required the creation of 4 web pages using Wordpress. I used my kl5ferdesigns logo and a few images from previous assignments. It took a little time to get familiar with navigating Wordpress, but it became easier once I got the hang of it. I kept it simple, nothing fancy. The pages can be viewed at: