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Friday, March 14, 2014

Card Dance

For this assignment we were to make 9 images dance. I created 2. First, I made a diagonal gradient in Photoshop for the base in After Effects. Then, I took 9 random images from previous assignments, compiled them into one Photoshop file and imported it into AE. In Comp 2 I key framed a simple rotation on the gradient. In Comp 3 I added card dance to my image and tried various settings to see what worked best. This was a fun assignment. I always enjoy learning new things that can be done in After Effects. The second one I created was a collage of Seattle Storm pictures I've taken over the years.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

HTML game

We had to create a game for this assignment using Construct 2. I had to create a Player, Monster, Bullet and Explosion. I made a spaceship and a green space monster in Illustrator and an explosion in Photoshop using brushes. First I inserted a background. Then the objects were inserted into the game program and various behaviors were set for each one. Once all objects were inserted, events and actions had to be added so that the game would run. There is tutorial online to set up a basic game, it was very helpful. It is different than Game Salad, where the events and actions are already in place. Constuct 2 offers more variety on what happens in the game.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Card Game

For this assignment, we had to create four illustrations for the card game The Wall. The illustrations were to be of a card back, wall section, wall reinforcement and damage. My design is of diamond plating. For reinforcement, I created steel strips and a drill for the rivets. For the damage card, I made a bomb, similar to the old Road Runner cartoons.


This assignment required the creation of 4 web pages using Wordpress. I used my kl5ferdesigns logo and a few images from previous assignments. It took a little time to get familiar with navigating Wordpress, but it became easier once I got the hang of it. I kept it simple, nothing fancy. The pages can be viewed at:

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Email Newsletter

An email newsletter sounds basic, but it was more involved than I expected. I decided to make one for kl5ferdesigns, like an inaugural newsletter announcing the design services I can provide, along with images of things I've created. I found out the hard way that each image needs to be uploaded prior to uploading the entire folder, in order to get the web address for each image. In Dreamweaver, the image web address must be copied/pasted into the Src box. Normally, the Src would be the image location in the folder. Once it's on the website, I selected all, copied it and pasted it into an email. I gave it a test run by emailing it to myself. It's basic, but ok.

Web Template

For this assignment, we were to find a web page template and make it our own. I chose a gallery template to put art and photos into. It took some time to change the color of the navigation buttons because I had to find the right class style. Then, I had to search the CSS styles to locate the gallery slider in order to change the size. The numbers had to be changed in 3 different classes. It took some effort, but I'm pleased with the result.  It's clean and simple.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Shape Animation

We were required to animate shapes for this assignment in After Effects. I enjoy using After Effects because it's fun and I always learn something new. I haven't even discovered half the things that AE is capable of doing. First, I made a ground and sky background. Then, I converted text (tree), into shapes and animated each letter. I turned the "T" into a tree trunk and added leaves that are animated. I made a sun pulse across the sky using stroke/dashes and changing the width of the dashes. Using a star shape, I changed the number of points and used "pucker and bloat", altering the "amount", to make them into flowers. Then I changed them back and had them rise into a night sky. I created a cow in Illustrator that I imported into AE and set key frames to make it jump over the moon. I changed the width of the dashes in two different strokes to animate the moon. In Premiere Pro, I chose a country tune for the music because it fit with the cow.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Web Page

For this assignment we had to design a web page in Photoshop, slice it up into sections and put it back together in Dreamweaver. I chose urban art or graffiti as my theme and displaced images onto a brick wall background. Using the slice tool, I cut up the web page into 5 sections. In the "save for web" window, I determined how each section would be saved. PS automatically creates an images folder when it saves. In Dreamweaver, I created 5 div tags for each section with the appropriate size for each. It matters how the sections are added. The left section had to go after the header and be floated left. Then the navbar and content sections, both floated left, so that it all fit together correctly. I had trouble getting the footer to work until I floated it left as well. It was an interesting assignment.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Thematic Text

For this assignment we had to create thematic text. I chose building for my word. I put each letter on a separate layer in PS so that I could stretch the letters to various heights, like a city skyline. I used my photo of downtown Tacoma for the image behind the letters and added a mask to put the photo in each letter. It should look like the original photo extending through all the letters. I also added a spire and an old-fashioned antenna to two of the letters.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

SLAM Covers

This assignment required creating 2 covers for SLAM, the Student Literary Arts Magazine, and 2 folios. I chose to use images I had already created. For the first, I used an image of a painting and cropped off half of it. The second is my line art assignment from Photoshop. The most difficult aspect was deciding on a font that matched the feel of each cover.

Digital Pen & Tablet

For this assignment we were to create artwork using the tablet and pen. This was the first time I used them. I was totally unable to draw a straight line, very frustrating. It is not the same as drawing with pencil and paper. Fortunately, the more I used it, the easier it became. It looks like a kid's drawing, but, I believe with more practice I would get better at it.

Friday, January 31, 2014

j Query Gallery

For this assignment, we created another gallery, similar to a slideshow, using jQuery script. It opens and runs on the web. For the images, I chose ones I've created in my various classes. In Dreamweaver, I inserted a header for my masthead (with my logo) and provided a description of each image. It is a simple gallery, but I enjoyed this assignment as well.   Here is a link to my jQuery Gallery:  

3D Gallery

The goal of this assignment was to create a 3D gallery. I loaded 10 images of my various creative endeavors. I set them in two rows and moved the camera so each image was viewed. I enjoy setting camera movements, I think it's fun. Unfortunately, I forgot that After Effects plays slower than Premier Pro, so it turned out a little faster than I intended. I liked this assignment, it was fun.

Vinyl Sign

For this assignment we had to create an illustration to make a vinyl sign. I used my logo, kl5fer designs. A bit boring, but it works. I had no issues creating it, but quite a few putting the sticker together. I had problems with everything sticking to each other and with lining each piece accurately in the oval. The 3rd one turned out decent. The photo is of my 2nd try, on my truck. It could be good advertising.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Font Set - lowercase

Assignment 5 was the creation of a lowercase font set, numbers 0-9 and " , . ! I decided to use the same foliage brush that I used for the capital letters so that I had one complete font set. I found the lowercase letters to be a bit more complicated then the caps. The brush I chose was not designed for round or circular strokes, so I used the direct selection tool to move or alter points of the stroke. At times, I would also expand the appearance on a stroke in order to reflect or rotate it. The brush was not ideal for punctuation either, but as it is decorative there shouldn't really be a need for it. I wish I had more time to tweak the set, but overall I like how it looks.

Font Set - Caps

For assignment 4, we were required to create a font set of capital letters (lowercase in a future assignment). Once again, the tricky part is coming up with an idea. I searched through a bunch of AI brushes to find one that would work in creating a font. I found a foliage brush and used that to create a very decorative font. Getting each letter to look right took some effort, as the brush was naturally curved. Some letters were more work than others. It would be difficult to read as body text, but it would look good as a title or other decorative use.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Tacoma Blows video

For assignment 1, we had to use Photoshop, Flash, After Effects and Premiere Pro. Flash isn't my favorite program because it doesn't work like the others, but I manage. At times, the most difficult part of the assignment is coming up with an idea of what to do.

The assignment required an original photo and the use of 3 different brush types to add effects to the photo. I chose a photo I took of Downtown Tacoma and brushes to simulate an explosion, fire and smoke on one of the buildings.

In Flash I created a mask layer for each effect, in order to have the effects appear slowly. I exported a PNG sequence and imported that into After Effects. I used a "distortion bulge" on the fire explosion and a "noise & grain" effect at the end of the video. I don't like that part of my smoke is fire colored, but overall, the video is ok.
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