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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Shape Animation

We were required to animate shapes for this assignment in After Effects. I enjoy using After Effects because it's fun and I always learn something new. I haven't even discovered half the things that AE is capable of doing. First, I made a ground and sky background. Then, I converted text (tree), into shapes and animated each letter. I turned the "T" into a tree trunk and added leaves that are animated. I made a sun pulse across the sky using stroke/dashes and changing the width of the dashes. Using a star shape, I changed the number of points and used "pucker and bloat", altering the "amount", to make them into flowers. Then I changed them back and had them rise into a night sky. I created a cow in Illustrator that I imported into AE and set key frames to make it jump over the moon. I changed the width of the dashes in two different strokes to animate the moon. In Premiere Pro, I chose a country tune for the music because it fit with the cow.

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